Vera Audio P150/600 RS Power Amplifier

See datasheet under downloads for measurements.

Some key performance data are:

- Selectable gain in very accurate 3dB steps from 12dB to 30dB as well as mute function
- CMRR of at least 89dB@100Hz and better than 94dB@1kHz (measured based on the IEC 60268-3 standard)
- Very low noise of less than 18uV
- S/N of more than 125dB (stereo)
- S/N of more than 128dB (bridged)

Continuous power:
Stereo, both channels driven at 8 Ohm
- 220W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 180W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 140W with maximum 0.0005% THD+N

Stereo, both channels driven at 4 Ohm
- 420W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 340W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 270W with maximum 0.0007% THD+N

Bridged 8 Ohm
- 800W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 680W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 600W with maximum 0.0005% THD+N

Bridged 4 Ohm
- 920W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 900W with maximum 0,0007% THD+N

Width: 29 cm
Depth (including terminals): 38 cm
Height: 8.2 cm
Weight: 7 kg

The calculations below show the power output vs impedance in bridged mode and in stereo mode. Take note that these are not measurements but they should be very close to actual performance. © Vera Audio 2021
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