Vera Audio P400/1000 Power Amplifier

- Based on Ncore NC500 modules
- Powerful PSU of 3kW
- 400W at 8 ohms (2 channels)
- Bridging option with more than 1000W (closer to 1400W) at 8 ohms (1 channel)
- Super low distortion
- Very low noise and high CMRR making it even a perfect combination with horns or other high sensitive speakers
- Gain adjustment on both channels making it easy to match with different preamps/DACs or to incorporate to active speakers with amps to each driver
- Trigger input
- Brushed aluminium chassis cut out in one block without any seams or visible screws
- Sorbothane feet adjusted to the weight of the amplifier
- High build quality and temperature controlled fans that kick in at high temperatures with very low audible noise to ensure long life span

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