Vera Audio P400/1000 Power Amplifier

More information will be coming.

- Based on Ncore NC500 modules
- Powerful PSU
- 400W at 8 ohms (2 channels)
- Bridging option with more than 1000W (closer to 1400W) at 8 ohms (1 channel)
- Super low distortion
- Very low noise and high CMRR making it even a perfect combination with horns or other high sensitive speakers
- Gain adjustment on both channels making it easy to match with different preamps/DACs or to incorporate to active speakers with amps to each driver
- Trigger input
- Brushed aluminium chassis cut out in one block without any seams or visible screws
- Sorbothane feet
- High build quality and temperature controlled fans that kick in at high temperatures with very low audible noise to ensure long life span

Expected to arrive fall of 2019 with sales through lyd & akustikk (sound & acoustics) © Vera Audio 2019
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