November 2022: 4-channel power amplifier

Vera Audio will be releasing a 4-channel power amplifier in 2023. The amplifier will have high build quality with great care on cooling to ensure a product that will last many years. 

The amplifier will have a trigger input and will also indicate clipping in the LED of the front button.

As other Vera Audio power amplifiers, distortion will be very low. A nice and welcome connector, will be speakon besides the traditional speaker terminals

November 2022: World class horn speaker

Vera Audio is developing a world class horn speaker with exceptional constant directivity, active with external DSP to achieve time aglignment and linear phase, and the use of external amplification to drive each driver. The system consist of a 2-way horn and a separate bass solution. The midbass horn is designed to avoid the floor bounce and  achieves an encredible even frequency response without the typical cancellations in the important midbass area. A midrange horn on top  extends the horizontal directivity of 80° all the way up to 18 kHz, using a beryllium compression driver. A lower crossover makes sure of a very coherent sound with no typical breakup in the vocal. The uniform vertical directivity of 50° minimizes greatly floor and ceiling reflections, improving imaging and giving less coloration from the boundaries.

The separate bass solution consist of a push push slot loaded subwoofer with very high output and low distortion besides the ability to be crossed over high. It uses two 18″ woofers in a sealed cabinet. Several units can be used to achieve even higher output and lower distortion.